Michael’s Profile

Michael's PhotoHi, I’m Michael. I’m a communications and media production specialist with experience in live audio mixing, multi-camera video shoots, and editing. If it falls in the writing or technology category, I’m either a pro at it or will be one soon.

I love great stories of all kinds – books, movies, plays, or real life conversations with people. Stories form an essential part of culture and go beyond something we tell children for entertainment at bedtime. They continue to shape our identity as human beings far into adulthood and give us a picture of what community, virtue, and a good life should be. I find a lot of satisfaction in analyzing movies and books, taking them apart, finding what works, what could be better, and unlocking the hidden potential in a work of art.

Deep down inside, I’m a Midwesterner, but I do love the opportunity to travel and experience new places and cultures. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout and have gone backpacking twice in New Mexico, spent a week in the Florida Keys, and enjoy outdoor adventures when opportunities arise. I also enjoy baking cookies, drinking tea, listening to music, and reading good books.

I graduated from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Latin.