Computers Suck. Your Life Doesn’t Have To

I got upset with my computer the other day, but I really shouldn’t have.

The danger of having more than 10 browser tabs open and its near-incapability to stream a full Netflix movie without overheating does merit some frustration, but these are the same problems I’ve been dealing with for the past 6-12 months. Nothing had changed but me.

Around that time, I also stumbled across this wisdom on Twitter:

This post talks about singles in particular, but this can apply to anyone. Somewhere along the way, I had imported the expectation that things in my life be perfect. “Technology is just supposed to WORK,” I told myself angrily. While it would be nice if that were true, I’ve worked with computers and A/V production long enough to know that’s just not the case.

Me being frustrated with my computer is no big deal for the time being. I’ve been doing it, and I’m saving up for a new one presently. But making that same assumption about real people and real life could be dangerous. People fall short a lot more than technology does, and you can’t replace them the same way you can an outdated machine.

The reality is, even if I can only edit 3 photos before it overheats and dies temporarily, those are still 3 photos I couldn’t do all by myself. I’m going to be thankful for that in the meantime, even as I continue to shop.

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