Cassette Tape Adapter With iPod

iOS Tip: Late Night Mode

Late Night mode. Sounds like something you would use to play music for a romantic candlelight dinner. Maybe people do use it for that, but it’s definitely useful for those of us driving older cars down the highway, tunes bumpin’ on the cassette tape adapter, windows down and the wind roaring since the A/C doesn’t work. Yeah, us.

Car status aside, Late Night mode is actually a useful feature for playing music in different situations, and one of the best kept secrets of Apple’s iOS. Go to:

Home -> Settings -> Music -> EQ -> and then hit "Late Night"
Compressor settings on audio mixer

Full compressor settings on a Yamaha audio mixing console

Unlike the other options which change only the tone of the audio, Late Night adds a compressor – an audio tool that smooths out the volume so that the difference between the loud parts and the quiet parts aren’t so dramatic. This one is crude at best. There are no custom options, and  I shudder when I’m at stoplights or forget the setting and switch over to headphones later and hear the volume sweeping up and down during certain tracks. But when you’re hitting 70 mph on the highway, you really don’t notice so much.

I think it helps slightly with the dramatic volume change for Spotify commercials, though I still fear dying from a heart attack if I don’t pony up the cash for Premium eventually.

Now if Apple would just let us get to the EQ settings quickly from the music player, that would be awesome.

Any other awesome iOS tips the world needs to know about?

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